Counting down to D-Day

Hello everyone, and welcome to my travel blog. I’m Ellie, I’m 25, and I’m spending my quarter-of-a-century year running away from reality to travel around South East Asia.

I’ve worked in advertising for 3 years and decided to take a career break, having never taken time out after school or university when many of my friends did. So, on Sunday, I jet off into the sunset to explore lands outside of TFL Zone 2.

I’ve wanted to travel for years, but there’s one key difference to how I’d imagined it now my trip is actually upon me: I’m going on my own. This is something that both excites and terrifies me. Yes, I get to go where I want without someone else enthusiastically planning an itinerary I’m not interested in, but what do I do with my stuff when I’m on a train by myself and need the loo? What do I do when I’m surrounded by a herd of tuk-tuk drivers and I can’t say no loud enough by myself?

So many ridiculous worries. So I thought I’d start this blog, as it’s sure to be a source of amusing tales, caused mainly by me being too polite and British in various situations. Goodness knows where I’ll end up – hopefully with a companion or two, and not too many injuries.

Better get my making friends hat back on, which I’m not sure I’ve rocked since my first day at primary school. But first, to get this lot into my backpack without a fight. Wish me luck.


Until next time,

Number of strangers I’ve spoken to today: 1. The man in the outdoor shop, who was confused as to why I was only buying a backpack 2 days before I go. Oops.

Interaction was: mainly awkward, with a dusting of polite conversation whilst he tried to adjust the straps for me

One Woman and Her Backpack x

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