Cambodia: the Royal Angkor Hospital…

Just a quick update post as a few of you kind folk have asked how I’m feeling.

Unfortunately, whilst in Battambang I got a fair amount worse, and I returned to Siem Reap where I was hospitalised with a parasitic infection. I was seen quickly and well looked after by all the staff at the Royal Angkor International Hospital – it wasn’t exactly in my itinerary to end up in hospital in my first 3 weeks, but I could certainly have ended up in a worse facility. A tip I was hoping I wouldn’t need to give, but if you’re really unwell in Cambodia, get yourself to the Royal Angkor International Hospital or its sister Royal Phnom Penh Hospital in the capital. The English is good, it’s very clean and the staff are friendly and professional – though it’s a very expensive facility so make sure you have good travel insurance! If you need to stay overnight, the hospital call the insurance for you, which is a big help when you’re not well.

Parasite zapping

After a small hiccup with my first medication two days in, I was discharged and have been recovering in a little den of a private room in a hostel in Siem Reap. On the mend and hoping to move onto Vietnam tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me some love and positive thoughts, it has really helped when feeling a little vulnerable a long way away from home!

Until next time,

Number of strangers I’ve spoken to today: slightly too delirious to count, but an army of incredibly kind doctors and nurses.
Interaction was: not ideal, but I definitely made the right choice to go in.

One Woman and her Backpack x

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2 thoughts on “Cambodia: the Royal Angkor Hospital…

  1. Dear Ellie,
    our best wishes for a quick recovery and resumption of your great adventure. We think you are very courageous to undertake this venture and your recent escapade underlines this. All our love; we will continue to follow your blog. Uncle Philip and Auntie Mary xxxx


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